Saturday, January 28, 2012

Videogames & me, Where it all started

When did I first start playing videogames? Well, for consoles, like a lot people my age I started on the Atari 2600. But just being a kid not even 3 years old and having two older brothers I didn't get a chance to play a whole lot with that consoles. I do remember playing Pac-man and Space invaders when I did get the chance. I stayed away from E.T. because, well, that game isn't exactly very fun. lol

I guess my first real console is the Nintendo. Now that console I played on a lot. The first couple of days after getting our Nintendo my siblings and I would stay up late playing Super Mario bros & Duck hunt. Duck hunt was so much fun because we had the light gun, best peripheral of all time. hehe. I know a lot of you put the gun straight up to the tv to get that easy kill on one of the ducks. heh. Oh, and trying to shoot the dog too because he pissed you off by laughing at you. I did that too. Who didn't! lol

Super Mario Bros I can remember a lot of things about that game. Challenging your family and/or friends to see who could finish the whole game first. Or who can have the most points or fastest time on certain levels. Trying to get the 5 firewroks when you hit the flag at the end of a level. Even doing the trick towards the end of 1-2 and getting to warp to world 7. I loved doing the fireball trick where you could be small & still attack with the firballs. Pretty damn cool.

One of my most memorable games is Final Fantasy 1. That game was just a blast to play. Having a notebook to write certain things down. Of course having the map was very useful as well. I always loved the part where you could "level up" and your character would be the ninja. My favorite character. I also loved playing the ninja gaiden & the double dragon games as well. I also loved Super Mario Bros 2 but I didn't like 3 so much, I don't know, it just didn't keep my attention.

For arcade games, growing up as a kid in Kona, Hawaii I played videogames at Fun Factory or when we stopped by to eat there, at Sandy's. Galaga, Ninja Gaiden, Pac-man are the games I remember playing the most. Especially Ninja Gaiden because I loved ninja & wanted to be one when I grew up. lol I wish I had one of those arcade tables that had Galaga, Pac-man, etc. I wasted so much quarters on one machine at my aunt's family restaurant. Galaga was such a fun game back then, still is, to me anyway since I play it quite often on my PS3.

And there you have it, my start in videogames. It's a shame Kona no longer has ANY arcades. After the original Fun Factory burned down, the next Fun factory had crappy games, and that one arcade they had in town didn't last very long. Last time I went back home, the Fun Factory closed down. Tis a shame.

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