Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gotham City Impostors & other things I bought. =)

It's finally here! I enjoyed the beta although there were a few times that made me yell, "WTF"?! But still I'm having a blast with the full game. I mostly play team deathmatch & fumigation. TDM I can just fool around & not take things too seriously, just going around shooting people, stuff like that. Fumigation same thing, although I play more with the team and try to go for the win, but if we don't win or I don't do good. Who cares. At least I had fun. lol

I also got the Simpsons games, the Shao Jun PSN avatar, since she is by far my favorite Assassin's Creed character besides Ezio. I was going to get Blacklight Tango down but my friends was telling me don't because that game is basically dead. I am going to get LEGO Pirates Of The Caribbean & Jak and Daxter Collection games later on when I get the money. Especially the Pirates of the Caribbean game because I love the Lego games, and I love Pirates of the Caribbean.

Geez, and come next month with Mass Effect 3, RE Operation Raccoon City & Ninja Gaiden 3. My wallet is pretty empty these days. lol

Friday, February 3, 2012

Syndicate co-op demo

I must say that this demo is very fun once you get a good group going, especially since I play on hard when I get the chance to, which is often. I already reached the level cap in the demo but have upgraded all of the weapons. I mostly use the secondary fire on the ACR-10 & hang back taking out the enemies from far while healing & supporting my teammates. So much fun. Don't always get the high score of the game, but I sure am pleased that we made it through the level with little trouble. I always drop my pistol for the TAR-39, or when I do come across it I pick up the shotgun. Or try to take out the colonel at the end and use his mini-gun to mop up any remaining soldiers. hehe.

I'll most likely be getting the game when it comes out since the 1 map in the demo just isn't enough to satisfy me. I want to play more of this game! I play it too much already if you can't tell, I'm hardly online updating this blog. lol

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shona killed in RE:Operation Raccoon City trailer?

I was watching the Triple Impact trailer with some friends & I saw this out of the corner of my eye. I said, "What. Is that Shona. Shona gets killed in the trailer"? So we rewind & review, looks like him doesn't it. I lost count of how many times we play backed this particular part. If it is or isn't Shona we'll just have to wait & find out until the game comes out in March.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Videogames & me, Where it all started

When did I first start playing videogames? Well, for consoles, like a lot people my age I started on the Atari 2600. But just being a kid not even 3 years old and having two older brothers I didn't get a chance to play a whole lot with that consoles. I do remember playing Pac-man and Space invaders when I did get the chance. I stayed away from E.T. because, well, that game isn't exactly very fun. lol

I guess my first real console is the Nintendo. Now that console I played on a lot. The first couple of days after getting our Nintendo my siblings and I would stay up late playing Super Mario bros & Duck hunt. Duck hunt was so much fun because we had the light gun, best peripheral of all time. hehe. I know a lot of you put the gun straight up to the tv to get that easy kill on one of the ducks. heh. Oh, and trying to shoot the dog too because he pissed you off by laughing at you. I did that too. Who didn't! lol

Super Mario Bros I can remember a lot of things about that game. Challenging your family and/or friends to see who could finish the whole game first. Or who can have the most points or fastest time on certain levels. Trying to get the 5 firewroks when you hit the flag at the end of a level. Even doing the trick towards the end of 1-2 and getting to warp to world 7. I loved doing the fireball trick where you could be small & still attack with the firballs. Pretty damn cool.

One of my most memorable games is Final Fantasy 1. That game was just a blast to play. Having a notebook to write certain things down. Of course having the map was very useful as well. I always loved the part where you could "level up" and your character would be the ninja. My favorite character. I also loved playing the ninja gaiden & the double dragon games as well. I also loved Super Mario Bros 2 but I didn't like 3 so much, I don't know, it just didn't keep my attention.

For arcade games, growing up as a kid in Kona, Hawaii I played videogames at Fun Factory or when we stopped by to eat there, at Sandy's. Galaga, Ninja Gaiden, Pac-man are the games I remember playing the most. Especially Ninja Gaiden because I loved ninja & wanted to be one when I grew up. lol I wish I had one of those arcade tables that had Galaga, Pac-man, etc. I wasted so much quarters on one machine at my aunt's family restaurant. Galaga was such a fun game back then, still is, to me anyway since I play it quite often on my PS3.

And there you have it, my start in videogames. It's a shame Kona no longer has ANY arcades. After the original Fun Factory burned down, the next Fun factory had crappy games, and that one arcade they had in town didn't last very long. Last time I went back home, the Fun Factory closed down. Tis a shame.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gotham City Imposters Horrible Night

So many wrong things happening with that beta tonight. Glad I was able to send in my feedback so that they can fix those things when the full game comes out because for sure I'm buying it. Anyway, tonight I couldn't connect to any games for at least a good 30 minutes. When I did get into a room, the timer would stop at 1 sec then everyone would get kicked out & back to the main menu. One problem I had was everything froze up, then anything on screen would be flashing or flickering while sound would be normal. Couldn't go back to the XMB because it would just give me a black screen.

Weird moment. I hit a guy with a rocket, direct hit, hit him 2 more times with rockets. I turn the corner and pow, he gets me in one shot with a shotgun from long range. Really made me go O_O But at least me won the match, and I mean I we crushed them, 2 lv.25's with a bunch of 5's & 8's. So I guess that makes up for that BS moment. lol

btw that was the only match I was able to play tonight. So a good 2-3 minutes of game time I guess.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fallout 3 with ammo & weapon trick

Started a new game of Fallout 3 yesterday since I picked up the GOTY edition. I sold my original copy after I got the platinum trophy. And the GOTY was CHEAP so I said why not, plus I'll get to play the dlc that I didn't get to play yet. I decided to try out that trick where you can get a bunch of unbreakable weapons, armor & lots of ammo. So after getting small guns to 60 and sneak to 40 after walking around & killing various creatures, the raiders in the school, I start the mission to help the assholes I mean Outcasts. Get to the station where the Outcasts are fighting & wow, Super Mutant with a minigun, 2 of them even. Maybe I shouldn't have leveled up a bit. lol

Anyway, I get behind the one Outcast with the minigun so he can take care of the 2 baddies who has the same gun as him. Good job dude, only had to use one stimpak. Get into the base and I don't know how many times I had tried to get Gary's body positioned correctly in the machine so that the trick would work, but I game save before I start the simulation & I hope that it'll work. Btw it doesn't so imagine my face when I spent all that time getting ammo in the 20,000 & 10,000's. Hahaha. ugh.

Round 2. This time I make it through the mission pretty quick. But then the Chinese general won't let go of his sword which I want. And my own troops are attacking me which is making things a lot easier to get said sword. O_O This makes me end up reloading a previous gamesave until the 3rd time I finally get his sword. 2nd time he dropped the sword but I couldn't pick it up for some reason.

Now with the simulation over, I lock that one Outcast dude & the lady into the storage room & take care of the other Outcasts. Scored 2 gatling lasers to go with the loot that's in the storage room, and my new unbreakable toys, and a good amount of ammo. Taking it back to Megaton takes about 2-3 trips back & forth from the outpost to Megaton. But well worth it.

Now time to work on  getting to lv.12 so I can get the silent running perk and improve some skills so that I can  make good use of the stealth suit & shock sword. Bwahahahaa!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Payday The Heist

I find Payday The Heist to be a very interesting & fun game, especially if you love co-op games like I do. I've been playing Payday for awhile now & just hit lv.100 rep not too long ago. My sharpshooter tree needs a lot of work, it's more like a twig than part of the skill tree. lol. I mostly play assault that's why, the Brenner 21 is my favorite weapon of the game & I want to upgrade that gun fully. I got the magazine upgrade IV recently & it just rapes. I just hope & pray that someone besides me brings along an ammo bag. lol I find that having that gun on the harder difficulties makes thing a lot easier, not to mention having the thick skin & body armor perks as well. But nothing beats having 3 other players with you that actually plays as a team. lol

Having a good crew makes the game a lot more fun. Like Green Bridge, everything goes great in the beginning of the level. But when you make your getaway, oh boy, you need teamwork. Most of the time you'll have one guy just run towards the end while the rest of the crew is far back and he'll get downed quickly. Then we can't revive him & that's when things go down hill because a lot times you'll get swarmed by cops & you'll spend more of your time trying to revive than shooting. Then one by one each of us will get downed until we fail the heist. =(

That's why when I get a good crew going, we play until the wee hours of the morning just having fun and hardly ever failing a heist.Sometimes though something will happen like someone will get disconnected & I forget to add them to my friend's list, and I forget if the PSN id had certain numbers in it. And I can't add them from players met list because Payday doesn't show up on that list. Double =(

 But still it's a great game, and right now it's on sale in the PS Store. I highly recommend the game, it's a nice change of pace & lots of fun.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Resident Evil games that are coming out

Playstation Lifestyle had a link showing the Resident Evil 6 trailer. I have to say it's pretty interesting. Although I, like many Resident Evil fans, would love to have zombies in the game. But still, as more news comes out about the games, I'll see if I get more interested in the game. I wonder of Jill will be in the game, we'll just have to see I guess. I see that it has co-op, I know I'll have a great time playing this with my buddy Sure shot like we did when we played Resident Evil 5. Lots of great and funny moments. lol

Now Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, that's one game I am very excited and anxious to play. Once again my buddy Sure Shot told me about the game. If he didn't I wouldn't even know about the game. haha. But 4 player co-op going through a campaign is my kind of thing. Goes back to the all the old videogames that let you go through a story with a friend, I loved that! I already got dibs on playing as Lupo, that's my character right there. I already have 2 friends that are getting the game when it comes out, we're looking for a 4th, I'm sure we'll find someone with the amount of hype and talk that has been going around. 

Btw, that Triple Impact/threat trailer that came out awhile ago. Wow. As Sure Shot said, "It's a lot better than the movies". lol