Sunday, January 22, 2012

Payday The Heist

I find Payday The Heist to be a very interesting & fun game, especially if you love co-op games like I do. I've been playing Payday for awhile now & just hit lv.100 rep not too long ago. My sharpshooter tree needs a lot of work, it's more like a twig than part of the skill tree. lol. I mostly play assault that's why, the Brenner 21 is my favorite weapon of the game & I want to upgrade that gun fully. I got the magazine upgrade IV recently & it just rapes. I just hope & pray that someone besides me brings along an ammo bag. lol I find that having that gun on the harder difficulties makes thing a lot easier, not to mention having the thick skin & body armor perks as well. But nothing beats having 3 other players with you that actually plays as a team. lol

Having a good crew makes the game a lot more fun. Like Green Bridge, everything goes great in the beginning of the level. But when you make your getaway, oh boy, you need teamwork. Most of the time you'll have one guy just run towards the end while the rest of the crew is far back and he'll get downed quickly. Then we can't revive him & that's when things go down hill because a lot times you'll get swarmed by cops & you'll spend more of your time trying to revive than shooting. Then one by one each of us will get downed until we fail the heist. =(

That's why when I get a good crew going, we play until the wee hours of the morning just having fun and hardly ever failing a heist.Sometimes though something will happen like someone will get disconnected & I forget to add them to my friend's list, and I forget if the PSN id had certain numbers in it. And I can't add them from players met list because Payday doesn't show up on that list. Double =(

 But still it's a great game, and right now it's on sale in the PS Store. I highly recommend the game, it's a nice change of pace & lots of fun.

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