Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fallout 3 with ammo & weapon trick

Started a new game of Fallout 3 yesterday since I picked up the GOTY edition. I sold my original copy after I got the platinum trophy. And the GOTY was CHEAP so I said why not, plus I'll get to play the dlc that I didn't get to play yet. I decided to try out that trick where you can get a bunch of unbreakable weapons, armor & lots of ammo. So after getting small guns to 60 and sneak to 40 after walking around & killing various creatures, the raiders in the school, I start the mission to help the assholes I mean Outcasts. Get to the station where the Outcasts are fighting & wow, Super Mutant with a minigun, 2 of them even. Maybe I shouldn't have leveled up a bit. lol

Anyway, I get behind the one Outcast with the minigun so he can take care of the 2 baddies who has the same gun as him. Good job dude, only had to use one stimpak. Get into the base and I don't know how many times I had tried to get Gary's body positioned correctly in the machine so that the trick would work, but I game save before I start the simulation & I hope that it'll work. Btw it doesn't so imagine my face when I spent all that time getting ammo in the 20,000 & 10,000's. Hahaha. ugh.

Round 2. This time I make it through the mission pretty quick. But then the Chinese general won't let go of his sword which I want. And my own troops are attacking me which is making things a lot easier to get said sword. O_O This makes me end up reloading a previous gamesave until the 3rd time I finally get his sword. 2nd time he dropped the sword but I couldn't pick it up for some reason.

Now with the simulation over, I lock that one Outcast dude & the lady into the storage room & take care of the other Outcasts. Scored 2 gatling lasers to go with the loot that's in the storage room, and my new unbreakable toys, and a good amount of ammo. Taking it back to Megaton takes about 2-3 trips back & forth from the outpost to Megaton. But well worth it.

Now time to work on  getting to lv.12 so I can get the silent running perk and improve some skills so that I can  make good use of the stealth suit & shock sword. Bwahahahaa!

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