Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Resident Evil games that are coming out

Playstation Lifestyle had a link showing the Resident Evil 6 trailer. I have to say it's pretty interesting. Although I, like many Resident Evil fans, would love to have zombies in the game. But still, as more news comes out about the games, I'll see if I get more interested in the game. I wonder of Jill will be in the game, we'll just have to see I guess. I see that it has co-op, I know I'll have a great time playing this with my buddy Sure shot like we did when we played Resident Evil 5. Lots of great and funny moments. lol

Now Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, that's one game I am very excited and anxious to play. Once again my buddy Sure Shot told me about the game. If he didn't I wouldn't even know about the game. haha. But 4 player co-op going through a campaign is my kind of thing. Goes back to the all the old videogames that let you go through a story with a friend, I loved that! I already got dibs on playing as Lupo, that's my character right there. I already have 2 friends that are getting the game when it comes out, we're looking for a 4th, I'm sure we'll find someone with the amount of hype and talk that has been going around. 

Btw, that Triple Impact/threat trailer that came out awhile ago. Wow. As Sure Shot said, "It's a lot better than the movies". lol

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