Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gotham City Imposters Horrible Night

So many wrong things happening with that beta tonight. Glad I was able to send in my feedback so that they can fix those things when the full game comes out because for sure I'm buying it. Anyway, tonight I couldn't connect to any games for at least a good 30 minutes. When I did get into a room, the timer would stop at 1 sec then everyone would get kicked out & back to the main menu. One problem I had was everything froze up, then anything on screen would be flashing or flickering while sound would be normal. Couldn't go back to the XMB because it would just give me a black screen.

Weird moment. I hit a guy with a rocket, direct hit, hit him 2 more times with rockets. I turn the corner and pow, he gets me in one shot with a shotgun from long range. Really made me go O_O But at least me won the match, and I mean I we crushed them, 2 lv.25's with a bunch of 5's & 8's. So I guess that makes up for that BS moment. lol

btw that was the only match I was able to play tonight. So a good 2-3 minutes of game time I guess.

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