Friday, February 3, 2012

Syndicate co-op demo

I must say that this demo is very fun once you get a good group going, especially since I play on hard when I get the chance to, which is often. I already reached the level cap in the demo but have upgraded all of the weapons. I mostly use the secondary fire on the ACR-10 & hang back taking out the enemies from far while healing & supporting my teammates. So much fun. Don't always get the high score of the game, but I sure am pleased that we made it through the level with little trouble. I always drop my pistol for the TAR-39, or when I do come across it I pick up the shotgun. Or try to take out the colonel at the end and use his mini-gun to mop up any remaining soldiers. hehe.

I'll most likely be getting the game when it comes out since the 1 map in the demo just isn't enough to satisfy me. I want to play more of this game! I play it too much already if you can't tell, I'm hardly online updating this blog. lol

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